Ultimate Panama Packing List

Aside from the obvious (boardies, sunnies, flip flops) you might be wondering some other items that would really elevate your experience in Panama. This is our unofficial Panama Packing List of items that we’ve acquired over the years which have made our Panama career all the more enjoyable. We hope you find some value in it!

UE Roll 2 – Waterproof & Shockproof Portable Speaker (for being on-the-go)

UE Roll 2 Waterproof Speaker

I have one of these (after downgrading from the bigger UE Boom) and I’m more than satisfied with the sound as well as the size. It fits nicely into backpack pockets and allows more room in your luggage for other items. It’s amazingly durable and waterproof and you just can’t beat the size. There’s an elastic strap on one side that will allow you to strap it to a bike, or hang over a branch.

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Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Portable Speaker (for at the house)

Bose Soundlink ii Mini

If you don’t think you’re going to be bringing the speaker to the beach, this is a compact, LOUD, and bass-heavy speaker that will be perfect for blasting tunes inside your house during the pre party. It’s going to last you a long time so it’s also worth the investment, and I actually use one of these to play music throughout my entire house. Incredible value for the size and portability of this speaker.

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Osprey Porter 46-Litre Adventure Backpack (Carryon Size)

Osprey Porter 46

This is the ultimate adventure trip backpack. It’s the perfect size (just at the max of the carryon limit) and fits nicely into the overhead bin of any airplane. This thing is SPACIOUS and ultra well designed, with the perfect pockets in the perfect places. If you’re looking for an adventure backpack that isn’t too huge and looks cool as hell, this is it

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The North Face Diad Pro 22L Daypack

This is our favorite day pack because it’s extremely simple and durable. It fits perfectly flat inside of the Osprey Porter 46 backpack  so it allows you to have a smaller beach bag when you need it while still living that “carryon” lifestyle. 22L is the perfect size to not over-pack but still fit your essentials. The straps and back are sturdy and padded without any overwhelming bulk. Camelback compatible. All around a sick day pack!

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LifeStraw GO Water Bottle with 1000 Liter LifeStraw Filter (Blue)

Lifestraw Go Bottle Blue

Enjoy fresh delicious water literally anywhere you can find it with this portable water filter. Panama’s tap water isn’t smart to drink out of the faucet (unless you’re a fan of Montezuma’s revenge) and you’ll literally be able to drink out of rivers when you’re out in the jungle using this amazing water bottle. If you travel often, it’s a must-have. If you just need it for rehydrating in the morning without buying and throwing away hundreds of plastic water bottles, it’s a must-have.

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Quick Dry 30x60inch Camp Towel

Quick Dry Camp Towel

It’s going to be crucial to have your own towel to dry off and lay out on the yacht with. This is a sizable and compact towel that will allow you to save space in your bag while still enjoying the benefits of “your own” towel. The quick dry technology is just enough to keep you partying without lugging around a big wet rag in your backpack.

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Mac in a Sac Compressible Rain Jacket

You’re sure to get blasted with rain at some point (Panama is tropical and green because of water..). Although it might be sunny and hot (fingers crossed!), Panama can get quite cold when it’s wet. This is a lightweight rain jacket that packs down super small and is ventilated on the back so you won’t be sweating inside. An awesome all-around purchase for any traveler

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Optrix Pro Waterprooof iPhone 6/6s Case (with 4 interchangeable lenses)

Optrix iPhone 6 Case

This is the ultimate waterproof case for iPhone which basically turns your phone into a GoPro. The indestructible shell is super easy to take on/off of your phone, unlike other “waterproof” iPhone cases. There is a legit rubber gasket and latch that guarantee no water is going to leak in to ruin your phone. Top it off with a Fisheye lens, Macro lens, and two other interchangeable lenses and you’re going to have some epic photos from this trip.

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Matching Group Pair of Chubbies Shorts

Chubbies Shorts Bachelor Party

No legendary party is complete without a group order of Chubbies. Make it easy to spot your homies under that tropical sun with this age old jungle identification technique – a group order of Chubbies shorts. I think it’s hilarious. Maybe you do too.

Check out the Selection on ChubbiesShorts.com


Custom Apparel from ANY Photo on ANY kind of clothing

YoShirt App

YoShirt provides an app that is WICKED easy to create any type of clothing item with your own custom photos. Make socks, swim trunks, hoodies, towels, T shirts or tank tops with any photo you please. It’s easy to add custom text and create a whole order for your crew. That screams party to me.

Download the App on the AppStore


100-Piece Portable First-Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Yeah, we said it. There ought to be someone in every group who buy this (just to be, you know, responsible). But honestly, there is no great bachelor party without some spilled blood. We’ve seen every type of injury, from jungle foot slices, accidental falls, golf cart injuries, backflips gone awry – and it’s amazing when someone whips this out of their bag. Just have one, just in case. Being able to disinfect your gushing foot wound in the middle of a muddy jungle environment is sublime.

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TSA Approved Travel Sized Sun-Care Kit

Panama is 9 degrees north of the equator. Know what that means? The sunlight is intense and sunburn happens before you realize it. Make sure you take proper preparations or you’ll end up with an unsightly and uncomfortable color. It makes the ladies a bit uncomfortable too. It’s always better to bring this stuff with you than rely on airport or imported store prices.

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Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling In-Ear Headphones

Both traveling and sleeping in noisy environments will never be the same once you own a pair of these bad boys. They make airplanes and airports a total dream. They take up almost zero space in your bag and come with a great carrying case. It may seem like a hefty investment for a pair of headphones, but audio is an often overlooked piece of the puzzle. If you need to sleep through something noisy you’ll be delighted. If you work in an office, even better. Drown out the noise and enjoy music and scenery in a way that you never have before.

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Oh, and if you SERIOUSLY wanted a Panama Packing List, here’s the essentials:

  • Boardshorts (We recommend two pairs – one pair might be salty, muddy, or wet, so it’s nice to add a backup pair to the rotation)
  • Cheap Sunglasses – we only say cheap because sunglasses tend to disappear or get lost in changing environments
  • Flip Flops – duh!
  • Club outfit – You’ll probably end up in a nightclub that won’t allow flip flops. Bring a pair of nicer shoes and a collared shirt.
  • ATV / Mud Outfit – You may end up quadding or hiking, we suggest closed toe or athletic shoes and a pair of clothes that’s ok to get destroyed.
  • Hat – You’ll be outside a lot!
  • T Shirts / Tank Tops
  • Light rain jacket – it’s the tropics and it’s more than likely you’ll experience some rain.