If you’re considering Central America for your next group adventure, planning a Panama City Bachelor Party is a decision you won’t soon regret. No other city can compare to a Panama City Bachelor Party, for a great price and close proximity to the US.

1. Panama City is really, really close.

Panama is just a short flight away from the United States. You can get to Panama City Airport (PTY) on a direct flight or via no more than 1 connection max. The major airline in Panama is Copa Airlines and other carriers like United, Spirit, American, and a few others have frequent routes into Panama’s capital, Panama City.

The average flight time is only 6.5 hours from LA, 7 hours from San Francisco, 5 hours from New York, 3 Hours from Miami, 6 hours from Boston and 4 hours from Houston, so getting here is no problem.

You can simply check sites like Kayak.com, Momondo.com, or even Skiplagged.com, and find yourself a cheap flight. Sometimes you can find return flights direct for around $300,.

2. Panama City can accommodate any type of budget.

If you are a group of guys looking for true luxury accommodations, you’re in luck. Panama City has some of the nicest hotels in the world, and the nicest in Central America without a doubt. Panama City is also home to tons of beautiful penthouses, apartments and condos for rent in high-rise buildings with amazing ocean views.

You can easily book a hotel or property online for your bachelor party via popular booking sites like Booking.com, Agoda.com, TripAdvisor.com, and AirBNB.com.

If you are a group of friends and want to keep costs low, you’re in luck. Panama City has a great hostel scene and offers shared dorms, private rooms, and bed & breakfasts that can suit any budget. Check out HostelWorld.com, Booking.com, and Agoda.com to see what types of spaces are available for your group.

3. The food is on point.

Panama City is the travel hub of the Americas. It attracts culinary experts from all over the planet: North, Central, and South America, and even parts of Europe.

The steakhouses are exquisite, serving up fresh cuts of the best imported beef in the world (from places like Argentina) as well as any other type of cuisine you can imagine.

There are local Panamanian ways of preparing chicken, rice, beans and patacones that will blow your mind with how flavorful something so simple can be. Be sure to try both the expensive and the local dishes when you’re in town.

4. Panama nightlife is good vibes only.

If you haven’t experienced Latin culture in a hot minute, you should – and I’m sure you will.

Walking into a room full of good natured locals and excited travelers getting down to reggaeton, dancehall, or electronic music will bring a smile to anyone’s face. The weather as soon as you step off the plane reminds you that you’ve made it to the tropics.

Sipping drinks with your bachelor group on a highrise rooftop or cruising down the boulevard on the way to club is something you’ll think back to often.

5. The price is right and the currency is easy.

Panama uses the US Dollar, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. You don’t have to worry about currency fees, exchange rates, or overpaying for anything.

Getting from the airport to your hotel is super easy. This consists of  a flat fee of about $33 and a 30 minute ride into town. Just pick a driver that you like and hop in. Uber is also available in Panama City now, making it easier than ever to take yourself from point A to point B without any confusing transactions.

The prices in clubs can be comparable to the US, but you can also expect to find ice cold beers for a dollar or less in more relaxed settings.

We hope this article has been informative about why you should plan a Panama City Bachelor Party for your next adventure. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

The choice is easy! Knock Panama off the bucket list – you will never forget it!